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Is is one of those episodes that was so important to the show. Not because it was major plot device but because it was an episode that, for the most part, was random yet hit every viewer right in the heart.

Why did no one remember her?

Does this episode show what humans are capable of or does this show a side of the doctor never witnessed before?

that old guy said that he made this trip 14 times. in all those 14 times he never thought to ask the hostess what her name was?

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ALZEER, arabian stallion. Photography from HORSES OF QATAR by Vanessa Von Zitzewitz.

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*gets herself distracted from free! by drawing free!*

who else is not ready to see the side of Nagisa we’ve never seen before? Third years’ graduation is going to break my heart.

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I’m with Haru on this one

Gotta protect this dysfunctional swim family at all costs

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If you don't do something, Rin-san will stop swimming.
You're the only ones who can help him!
You are truly beautiful, Rei.

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